Amazon Mom: Free 3 Months of Amazon Prime + Diaper Discounts

Amazon is promoting their new Amazon Mom service, which is aimed at all moms, dads, and primary caregivers. (They don’t make you send in a picture of your kid or anything.) It’s free to join, and here are the benefits:

  • 30% off select diapers and wipes when you use their “Subscribe & Save” option, which is basically an automatic recurring purchase plan. It’s pretty flexible though, you can choose your interval (every one, two, three, or six months) and you can cancel any time, even after just one shipment. I personally have no idea if this makes them a good deal or not, having never bought diapers before.
  • Free Amazon Prime for the first 3 months of your membership, which includes free 2-day shipping on lots of stuff. For each $25 you spend within a single order in the Baby store, you get an additional month. You can earn up to one year from the date you joined Amazon Mom. If you already pay for Prime, you can cancel and they’ll refund you the pro-rated cost.
  • They’ll send you “exclusive” discounts and offers via e-mail.

Seems like it’d be worth checking out, if only for the 3 free months of Amazon Prime. (Students with a .edu e-mail get an entire year for free.)


  1. That makes the diapers a decent, but not good enough, price. Size 4 Luvs work out to just under $0.14/diaper. I aim for $0.10/diaper on sale with coupons, but will by the Target generic brand for $0.13/diaper if I am running out.

  2. will it charge my credit card automatically for prime membership 3 months later?

  3. I wonder if they’d let me consider my pets as children.

  4. @Deoxy – Thanks. I’m guessing that with free shipping to your door + no sales tax, that’s good enough for lots of tired parents to sign up.

    @leo – I’m not sure, but you can usually “opt-out” ahead of time on these free trials so it won’t auto-renew, so look in the Prime part of the “Your Account” area.

    @Stephen – I really don’t think they care. Actually… I’ve used diapers on my puppies before. πŸ™‚

  5. You can opt out of it after your first order and still get the discount. Plus they let you use mulitple coupons with this offer, there were coupons in Parents magazine last month and and offer for free shipping, definitely worth it.

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