Amazon Mom and Subscribe & Save Tips

There is a minor kerfuffle going on with Matthew Yglesias and his post How to Save Money on Amazon With a Fake Baby vs. internet ethicists including Gawker.

Short version: If you sign up for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program and add at least 5 items in that month’s delivery, then you’ll get 15% off every item in that delivery instead of just 5%. However, if you are a member of Amazon Mom (free with Amazon Prime trial) and do the exact same things (add at least 5 items to that month’s delivery), then you’ll get 20% off every item in that delivery. There goes Amazon… contributing to overpopulation and fake babies.

I didn’t even notice this difference because we signed up for Amazon Mom a while ago as we had a real baby, but I do like the 20% off on wipes, diapers, baby food pouches, and addictive indian curry packets. (Oh, I really don’t care about the kerfuffle. People can decide for themselves.)

Buy more, pay less? I usually sign up for everything recurring every month, and then cancel whatever I don’t need when I get their warning e-mail that things will ship soon. Sometimes I don’t reach five items, although if you sort by price*, there are several cheap S&S-eligible things that you can actually save money by buying them. For example, if you have 4 items totaling $80, then adding an additional item will save you 15% extra, or $12. So adding anything that costs less than $12 will actually reduce your final bill.

* Try this link for Grocery items and in the top-right corner click “Sort by Price: Low to High”. Try this link for Baby foods. The prices don’t always seem to sort correctly, but if you scan the first few pages it helps.


  1. Shtinkykat says:

    I couldn’t care less about the kerfuffle either. But thanks for your ancillary review of the butter chicken curry packets. I’m addicted to my local farmer’s market vendor’s butter chicken curry. These could definitely tide me over when I can’t make it to the farmer’s market. 😀

    • Jonathan Ping says:

      I definitely keep some butter chicken packets around at all times, just add butter and chicken (which we by individually frozen from Costco). For a whole meal, just add rice and some Tasty Bite Indian entrees – my favorite is the Punjab Eggplant

      while Mrs. MMB’s favorite is the Bombay Potatoes. Just takes 60 seconds in the microwave, many are vegetarian if not vegan. Not cooking from scratch but very flavorful backup food.

  2. When I try sorting the groceries by price on Amazon it just doesn’t work. Anyone else have that problem? For example I just sorted the list from the link above and the 1st item is $17+, 2ndd is $8, 3rd is $3 and 4th is $6, 4th is $20, etc. Thats certainly not price order.

    • My guess is that it is sorting on some combination of per ounce or per unit basis? Like I said, if you look through the first few pages it will give you most of the cheap things sprinkled here and there.

  3. How much does Subscribe & Save or Amazon Mom cost? What happens after the 3-month trial? Thanks for the tip.

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