Amazon Gift Card, Kindle Accessories Promotion

Amazon has a special Kindle promotion where if you buy a certain amount of Amazon gift cards, you’ll get up to 20% back towards qualifying Amazon Kindle accessories in the form of a promotion code (i.e. coupon code). The key here is that “ Kindle Accessories Gift Cards” work exactly the same as any Amazon gift card. The offer page reaffirms that you can use them on “Kindle Accessories as well as millions of other items on“.

This is the same fact that allows people to buy Amazon Kindle gift cards at the grocery store for 6% cash back and use them online towards anything at Amazon.

Buy $50-$99.99, get back $10 via promo code
Buy $100-$499.99, get back $20 via promo code
Buy $500 or more, get back $100 via promo code

You must make your purchase by 3/14/13, and you’ll get the promo code by 4/1/13. The promo code is only good towards an unknown list of “qualifying Amazon Kindle accessories” which are sold directly by Amazon. If you already spend this much at Amazon and have a Kindle accessory you want in mind, then front-loading your purchases to get up to 20% back/$100 in “free” Kindle gear may be worth it. Make sure you spend exactly $50, $100, or $500.


  1. If my wife and I both take advantage of the spend $500, get $100 offer, do you think we will be able to combine our promo codes to make one $200 kindle/accessories purchase? Or will the codes be tied to the email addresses associated with the accounts they were sent to?

  2. I have a Citi CC that I get the equivalent of 5% back from Amazon in other retail gift cards. So I’m tempted to jump on this. My only question is whether the 20% rebate will really be limited to Kindle accessories, or anything on Amazon. They seem to imply Kindle-only, but it they’re just sending you another code…

  3. I’m unclear here. You say in the first paragraph that you can use Kindle Accessories Gift Cards on anything at Amazon, but then in the last paragraph say you can only use them on a list of qualifying Kindle accessories. Which is it? I don’t have a Kindle but if I can get a $100 Amazon gift card by buying $500 of Amazon gift cards I’m all over that.

  4. Mary Anna says:

    @Andy – the link says ‘Surprise someone with an Kindle Accessories Gift Card and get back up to 20%–up to $100–to spend on Kindle Accessories yourself.’ So the gift card you *buy* can be used on anything, but the promo $ has to be used on Kindle accessories, apparently.

  5. @Tyler – I don’t think it will be restricted by e-mail, but it may not be allowed to stack.

    @DG – I think it will be limited only to Kindle accessories, based on past experience.

    @Andy – Think of it this way:

    Amazon Gift card = Amazon Kindle gift card = gift certificate = unrestricted

    promotional codes = promo codes = coupon codes = restrictions embedded

  6. I was just as confused as Andy at first. When reading “you’ll get up to 20% back towards qualifying Amazon Kindle accessories in the form of a promotion code. The key here is that “ Kindle Accessories Gift Cards”, I interpreted promotion code = Kindle Accessory Gift Card.

    I’m guessing they don’t sell just standard Amazon Gift Cards @ grocery stores and Jonathan was suggesting buying the “Kindle Gift Cards” (good for anything) to get 6% CB and the 20% promo code (good on Kindle stuff only).

  7. I got it now, thanks. The gift card you buy is for Amazon but the rebate/bonus has to be used for Kindle stuff.

  8. The way Jonathan’s post states it is correct and unambiguous, but you may have to re-read it a few times if you find it unclear (due to the way Amazon chooses to use similar-sounding names for different things).

    Personally, I find 5% back off all Amazon purchases with my Citi Forward to be superior than the inconvenience and annual fee of the AMEX Blue Cash Pref + grocery store gift card for 6% back route. Then again, I don’t do much grocery shopping.

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