Amazon Cash: Add $20, Get $10 Bonus Credit


Amazon Cash is a new way to buy things at Amazon without a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or bank account. You get a unique barcode linked to your Amazon account, and then bring it in to a participating physical store. You can either print it out or use your smartphone. Have the cashier scan it like you’re buying a physical item, pay with cash (or card*), and the funds will be loaded onto your Amazon balance (same place as where gift cards go). There are no fees. Participating stores include GameStop, CVS Pharmacy, KwikTrip, Fred’s Pharmacy, Cumberland Farms, and more.

(* Note: While this is designed to allow you to load with cash, you can also load with a credit card and thus earn rewards or cash back.)

Amazon is running a promotion that gives you $10 Amazon bonus credit if you add $20 via Amazon Cash.

For a limited time, add $20 or more to your Amazon Balance with Amazon Cash and earn a $10 Amazon Credit towards your next purchase from Your discount will automatically be applied at checkout. This is a limited time offer, one per Amazon customer account. The promotional credit expires on August 31, 2017.

Offer is stated to expire 7/31/17, but it may end earlier. Note that the $10 free credit must be used on products shipped and sold by Amazon.


  1. The slickdeals participants claim using credit cards instead of cash (Chase Freedom – 5% extra).

  2. Great tip – thanks

  3. Just did it with credit card at CVS.

  4. Tried to do it at the CVS in Simsbury, CT. I asked the clerks if they were familiar with Amazon cash. They said: “Uhhhh, we have Amazon gift cards”

    Wiser, I called ahead to the CVS in Granby, CT. I asked the clerks if they were familiar with Amazon cash, and explained what it was. Guy on the other end said “Uhhhh I believe we can do that”. You BELIEVE? They said “I think we tried it once before”.

    Tried to contact Amazon to step up their training, but there’s no general customer service email address

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