Becoming an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author for Under $5

footdownBrent Underwood is a partner at a marketing company and was tired of shady competitors basically offering the tag of “Bestselling Author” for anywhere between $1,000 and $3,000. So he decided to tell everyone how they can do it themselves for 5 minutes and three bucks.

Read the entire thing, but essentially he makes a 1-page Kindle eBook and Amazon approves it for sale within 4 minutes. The sale listing goes live a few hours later. A few friends each bought a copy for $0.99 each, and that’s it, he was a “#1 Bestselling Author” in his (carefully chosen) niche category! I figured it was easy to self-publish a book, but I didn’t know it was this easy.

In addition to being an interesting peek inside the world of self-published eBooks, Underwood explains how the term “bestselling author” has become highly manipulated. Hey look, his foot… I mean book now has over 20 glowing reviews and comes in paperback!

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