Amazon App Store: Over $100 in Paid Apps Free 6/27 6/28 Only

az100If you have an Android phone or tablet, check out this Amazon App Store promotion which has a bunch of paid apps for free, Friday and Saturday only. As usual, I just grab whatever looks good now while it is free and then later delete the ones I don’t want. If you’ve never used the Amazon App store before, you’ll get a $1 credit after your first download.

Plex app caught my eye, that is a great app for streaming movie files from your computer to your TV via Roku or to your phone. Rip all your old DVDs to a hard drive and have them only a tap away.


  1. Major endorsement for Plex. Been using Plex for 6 years. Perfect movie server solution.

    Even better, new Samsung TVs come with the Plex built in natively so you can use Plex right outa the gate with your plex media server. We love our Rokus but out original one (first gen) has been put to pasture now with the Samsung TV. Everything the Roku could do the Samsung does better… netflix, amazon, crackle, plex, pandora, dlna, screencast, etc.

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