Amazon Prime + American Express Promotion: Fire Tablets $15

fire7Here’s another quick deal for Amazon Prime members that also have American Express Membership Rewards points. First, all Amazon Prime members can get the following prices this week:

However, if you have an American Express Rewards account, click here and check eligibility for up to a $30 discount when you pay with at least one AmEx point. Even if the link says you’re not eligible, it should still work as long as you follow all the directions below. Found via SD. You may need to first link your American Express card.

Be sure to select your linked American Express card as payment method, select the option to Pay with Points (you can use just 1 point), and apply the promo code to trigger the discount. So much fighting to be the credit card used at Amazon…


  1. Thanks, works great! I was able to do both the Fire7 and the Fire8 (separate orders) and the AmEx promo applied to both.

    • It seems you can place multiples of the same order as well. I bought the Fire 8, then went through the motions a second time. All the same discounts applied again, so I’m assuming that it would go through if I clicked on the “Place Your Order” button. I didn’t try it though. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with one Fire 8, much less two. 😀

  2. Thanks for the tip. Worked for 8HD

  3. Overall, this is an amazing deal for those looking to purchase a tablet!!! And the best part is you are not restricted to just 1 per account!!

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