Ally Bank Commercial With Nobel Prizer Winner

Ally Bank has an amusing new commercial using Nobel Prize-winning economist Thomas Sargent to promote their Raise Your Rate CD. Currently the 2-year CD pays 1.05% APY but has the uncommon feature that allows you to bump up the rate once during the term if rates rise. They also have a 4-year CD at 1.30% APY that allow two bump-ups during the term. Via MR, it’s short and sweet:

I actually prefer their 5-year CD with short early withdrawal penalty, which offers a higher rate but no rising rate protection.


  1. heh, thats actually funny. not too bad for a 30 second spot.

  2. I’ve banked with them since they started offering what in other circumstances would be an interesting and innovative product. And not once in all the time they have offered it have rates gone up.

  3. I think that’s the point of the commercial. Rates have been dropping since they were created from the ashes of GMAC Bank. I don’t think you can really fault Ally for not hiking rates (although in the last 6 months they have made some small hikes in some CD terms). But who knows what the future will bring.

    I actually prefer their 5-year CD with short early withdrawal penalty, although others might prefer the upside potential of the Raise Your Rate feature.

  4. I calculated based on not just Ally’s but everybodys rates….that if you forgo just two restaurant dinners per year… can net more than the average 1-5 year CD of $2000-$5000 pays at bank bank in America.

    Where does the fault lie? That’s obvious.

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