5 DVD Rentals for $2 from Blockbuster Express – Groupon

Groupon has a nationwide deal again that will get you five one-day rentals at Blockbuster Express kiosks for $2. The regular cost would have been $5. I don’t really get the limitation of one per person when you can buy seemingly unlimited as “gifts”. By the way, Blockbuster Express kiosks are owned by NCR, not the Blockbuster Video that is in bankruptcy.

Note: You can only use one free code per transaction. In order to use all five promo codes you must rent (and check-out) five separate times. I tend to use these Blockbuster kiosks more than Redbox ones simply because they are at Safeway grocery stores, but the idea is basically the same.

If you don’t have a Groupon account already (what!?), please use my sign-up link, and I’ll get some Groupon credit for referring you. Then visit the deal link. Thanks!

Valid through May 1, 2013. Limit 1/person, may buy more as gifts. Valid only at any Blockbuster Express kiosks and for online reservation for pickup at kiosks. Not valid on Blu-ray or Hot List titles. Groupon value reduces by $3 after 5/1/2013, except where prohibited by law.


  1. Sadly, all the blockbusters in my town have gone under 🙁

  2. Blockbuster B&M stores have shut down and the company is in bankruptcy. Blockbuster Express kiosks are still running, as the name was just licensed to NCR Corp and they are doing fine.


  3. Who has time to watch 5 dvds in one day?

  4. plus a quick google search will find you FREE promo codes

  5. Umm… these are gift codes that will work any day separately until 2013. Use them months apart if you want. Free promo codes are usually for one day only or only the first time you sign up for a newsletter.

  6. I already loaded up on like 15 of ’em last time. I’m pretty sure I confirmed that you can use the same credit card with different groupons as well.

  7. I guess the only remaining thing of Blockbuster, is their name to license. They had a good opportunity to become the leader in DVD rentals in kiosks . They failed to look at potential changes in the industry and stayed with their same model, which was becoming outdated. Instead NetFlix and other service providers beat them to the punch and now they are in bankruptcy.

  8. christina baita says:

    I purchased these Blockbuster Express codes from Groupon and have not been able to use a single one! Every machine I’ve tried claims it’s an invalid code! Argh. Any help? Any luck by anyone else?

  9. Arg, if you still have any of these codes, take note that they don’t seem to work at all for newer releases under Blockbuster Express’ lame new $3-2-1 structure. Instead of at least deducting a dollar off your order, the kiosk just says you cannot use these codes on the newer releases!

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