4 Free Movie or Museum Tickets For Certain American Express Purchases

American Express is running a promotion where you can get 4 free movie or museum details by mail, if you meet purchase requirements at specific stores. For a the full list of participating stores, see the official promotion website. All the big movie chains (AMC, Regal, Cinemark) seem to be covered. If nothing is nearby, you can get a $40 American Express gift card instead.

For those that live in certain parts of the the Western or Central US, the easiest way seems to be eating at a Del Taco restaurant three times between 4/1 and 5/20. You could probably go once and buy two tacos and a drink, all separately for a few bucks. Not bad for four movie tickets. Here is the Del Taco redemption form. Via Fatwallet.

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  1. I’m looking at those participating merchants, I can’t recognize most of them. Are they primarily in west coast? Any of those in Austin Texas?

  2. Seems like they are from all over. Georgia, North Carolina, New York. There are two Melting Pots in Austin, TX. Maybe split a chocolate fondue with someone? :)

  3. The Bridge Tender & Front Street Brewery are Wilmington, NC restuarants. It looks like there are slim pickings for Raleigh, NC. Maybe I’ll go buy two gift certificates from the Melting Pot so I can get my free movie tickets!

  4. Just remember that Del Taco typically charges a credit card fee of 75 cents or something around that. But I still know what I am having for lunch for the next few days.

  5. Awesome! But what a ridiculous list of participating merchants… it’s almost like a joke when you’re reading through the list.

  6. Aargh! After ordering at a local Del Taco, it turned out they sneakily don’t accept credit cards! Touche, Del Taco, Touche! And after a good faith full-meal purchase, too… When I do find a Del Taco that takes AmEx, I will have my revenge by only buying one chicken soft taco.

  7. Troy Brown says:

    I don’t have an active AMEX card but there is one listed on my Equifax credit report. It was opened in ’96 and the reported date is ’02. There is a phone # I can call. Will re-activating this card result in a credit check or is this safe for me to do since its still listed on my credit report?

    Can I have an old account enrolled in the Costco plan or any other reward programs?

  8. This can be a great thing. But in most cases I see that these card company’s want you to spend more and pay more interest than what you are getting is worth. Also the movies if picked by them may not be what you like.

  9. Did anybody ever get their free tickets from this AMEX promo? I sent mine a few months ago and haven’t heard anything. I hope it’s not a hoax.

  10. Troy Brown says:

    It’s been almost three months and I never received mine.

  11. BTW, I just received my 4 free tickets in the mail. From some marketing company in NYC. So I guess it is legit.

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