4 Fandango.com Movie Tickets = $24

Daily deals site KGBDeals has a national deal of 4 Fandango.com movie tickets for $24. Each ticket has a maximum value of $12 (total $48). Deal is scheduled to run through the New Year’s weekend, over 7,000 sold so far. If you use eBates ($10 new user bonus) or Mr. Rebates ($5 new user bonus), can get some additional cash back.

Fandango codes will not be available until promotion end date on January 3rd, 2012. Valid until February 12, 2012. Both tickets must be purchased together in the same transaction for the same movie and showtime. This offer may be applied to IMAX or 3D tickets, up to maximum per-ticket code value.


  1. I’m new to eBates. It says you receive a $10 bonus after $25 in purchases, so theoretically, if I make this purchase, I only have to make a $1 purchase somehow to qualify?

  2. caveat: you only get two codes, which means you have to use two tickets each at the same time for the same movie/showing.

  3. I have the same questions as Nick. Any one?

  4. @Nick, nandhi – Yes that is how I read it. Here is the Terms and Conditions

    “To qualify for a sign-up bonus payment, a new Member must establish an Active Account (defined below) and make minimum qualifying purchases totaling at least twenty-five dollars ($25.00) within ninety (90) days of becoming a Member.”

    Seems like multiple purchases are okay, totaling $25.

  5. @Jonathan – very cool. Thanks so much for sharing! It seems like I’ll be double, if not triple dipping on some rewards here (eBates cash back + credit card rewards + movie theater [Regal] rewards). Phew!

  6. Dumb question but how do you combine eBates with this deal? I logged into my eBates account and checked the Music & Movies stores but did not locate Fandango

  7. Two important caveats in the offer’s fine print:

    – The 4 tickets are made available in the form of 2 codes for 2 tickets each. Each pair of tickets must be redeemed for the same movie at the same showtime. If you want to buy a single ticket, it will use up one entire code, and you’ll basically end up paying full price for that ticket.

    – The codes expire on February 12. So you (and a companion) will need to see two movies in the next 6 weeks.

  8. Ah, in my zealousness, I failed to notice that this was already noted in the post. Feel free to delete the previous comment and this one. Sorry.

  9. I don’t know how much are movie tickets for you guys but its $13 – $13.50 where I am at NYC. I got a similar deal ($12 for 2 movie tix up to $24 value) and when I tried to redeem, the coupon only covered $23 and add on top of that the $1.50 convenience fee per tix from Fandango, I still have to pay out of pocket. This deal is only worthy when combined with eBates or Mr. Rebates bonuses.

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