250 Free Business Cards From Quickbooks ($5 Shipping)

In my last Amazon.com order, there was a flyer for 250 free business cards from Intuit Quickbooks. I have been meaning to get new business cards with my new address, so I tried it out. Even in this digital age, business cards are a great way to publicize your home business or freelance work. Pass them out!

The ordering process was easy, and UPS Ground shipping was $5. I kept things pretty simple, and did not add a custom logo for extra money or any other options, and it was $5 total with no sneakiness. Very cheap advertising, not to mention it is a deductible business expense. 🙂 The order shipped in 3 days.

From looking at the 42 available free designs, it would appear that these are the same offered by Vistaprint. I have used Vistaprint before with no problems, but others have reported issues with them. Vistaprint does try to cross-sell you a lot of different trial offers with various companies before letting you check out with your free business cards. Quickbooks did not. Also, Vistaprint puts their logo on the back of the free cards, which some feel makes the cards look less professional. Quickbooks does not.


  1. Cool! Thanks!

  2. I have order from vistaprint before. The cards had their website on the back. Do these business cards have a similar advertisement?

  3. Is it just me or do people no longer read my entire post anymore? 😉

  4. Thanks for the link!

  5. Have you tried http://www.quickenonline.com yet? It is Free like Yodlee and BoA Portfolio site. It is nice.

  6. I always use vistaprint for all my needs. I always get promotional email offering premium business cards (without anything on the back) for free. There are other stuff you can get for free too but the catch is you can’t put them in the same order. I usually order their stuff once in every two months.

  7. I have been using VistaPrint for all my business printing needs for the last 4 years. Each card cost me about 2-5 cents. (I usually upload my own design. Cost $5 to upload your own design. I ignore any upsell offers of VistaPrint, which are plenty, you are right.)

    In my line of business (event entertainment) people ask for my cards at events. I’d say, 10 cards given away will result in one solid booking. So with 50 cents in advertising on average, I can get return of about $100. I actually charge more than $100 per event, but I take into account other expenses. So, $100 is an average profit per event.

    Note to myself, don’t be lazy, give out more of your cards. Where else you are going to get such spectacular returns? 🙂


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