24 Hour Fitness Promo: $0 Initiation Fee and $29.99/Month

24 Hour Fitness has some promotions right now for those interested. You can get $0 Initiation Fee and $29.99 Monthly Dues on All-Club Sport Memberships. Expires 1/31/10.

Offer not valid in Reno, Northern CA, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and other select locations or at Super/Ultra Sport Clubs. Membership dues are $29.99 per month. All-Club access depends on membership purchased; All-Club Sport memberships do not include access to Super/Ultra Sport clubs. Taxes may apply. Not valid for current members. Dues must be paid by pre-authorized payment (eft).

Alternatively, you can get a One-Club membership for $199 a year upfront. Costco members can also get a 2-year All-Club membership for $299.


  1. I believe you can get 2 year membership for $299/- in Costco.

  2. costco locations sell a 2 year all sport club membership for 299 which works out to $12.5/month.

    also available online at http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11499621

    Though with a month-month u are only out $30 ( or is it $60 because they have weird canceling rules ) if you decide gym is not your style

  3. my problem with 24 hour fitness is that it’s over crowded at the hours that people normally go exercise. Yeah, it has some relatively quiet time such as 10:00 to 11:30 and anytime after 2 am till 7 am. But I would rather pay $10 to go those hours.

  4. Costco has a two year nation wide membership for $299. Less than 13 dollars per month. Best deal by FAR!

  5. Promoting recurring monthly fees for a fitness club doesn’t seem very financial conscious to me.

  6. Costco offers a 2 year all club (same restrictions as above) no initiation fee for $299.99 (12.50 / mo).

  7. This is a smoking deal, about half the price of the lowest price gym with a pool in my town. This can work out to $1 per swim if I buy the full year, compare that to $4.50/swim at our local pool. Have to go take a tour.

  8. Wow, looks like I missed the Costco offer. Thanks for all the comments, it takes me some time to moderate so there will be duplicates at times. I’ve added the $299 offer to the post.

    I think a gym can be worth it, especially for the pool. Some people work out better in groups at a gym, others are fine running or using weights at home.

  9. I’ve had memberships at various fitness clubs around the country and I must say that 24hr Fitness is one of the worst. The facilities themselves are pretty nice depending on what level the club is (active, sport, etc). However, as bigmouth noted above, if you want to work out at a reasonable time you’ll be waiting for equipment and sharing the place with a ridiculous amount of other people. I’ve been to a couple different 24hr clubs (in the LA area) and they are all packed like a meat locker during the busy times. I’ve had good luck with LA Fitness since they are willing to drop the initiation fee and reduce the monthly membership rate if you haggle a bit.

    Either way, you definitely want to get a 3 or 7 day pass and check the place out before you commit.

  10. Ugh! You’ll never use that gym past the first month. I wonder how many dollars these gyms collect from people who never use them. I lost 80 pounds by walking up a hill near my house. The cost was a pair of shoes. I’ve kept it off for ten years with cycling. I bought a nice road bike when I was thin enough (about $2,000) and have had numerous adventures and experiences as a result.

    The gym sucks, people. Get outside!

  11. Before you take the leap and commit to something like this, really ask yourself if this is something that is worth your money. As Joelkton said above many people use it for a couple months and it ultimately goes to waste. A good deal is only a good deal if you take full advantage of it.

  12. Mississippi Mike says:

    Sorry – this is off topic, but

    Any company that charges
    1) a set up/joining fee/initiation fee
    2) a service fee
    3) a termination fee
    4) makes you sign a contract

    does not deserve customers, and should only be supported as a last resort. So that would include every bank, every cable and satellite TV company, and every cell phone company that requires a contract, etc.

    In all cases the company in question does not incur additional costs for these events. They are just thieves who belong in jail.

    Having said all that, I am in shape ……… “round” is a shape!


  13. 24 Hour Fitness Member says:

    You can also get the 2-year membership off of eBay for about $260-270…yes it does work. That’s what I did 4 months ago and can’t complain one bit.

  14. I used to work for them. Not for long because I quit. I was getting paid well but it was so annoying to work there with a manager pushing you to ask everyones goals, sell them their goal, let them know we’ll meet their goal… and then not actually caring. I wanted to work at a gym because I cared about health and fitness and I think it should be a part of everyone’s life. They would tell us to lie to customers and tell them that rates were higher the week before when actually they were much lower. Management would laugh after making a high sale. It just seemed really unprofessional to me. Costco is the best way like you all said. The cheapest it gets without costco is monthly the 24.99 add on for sport clubs. If you do not do an add on to someone else’s account it is 29.99 for all clubs. If you pay more then that you are REALLY getting ripped off because the price will change the following week. If you buy a yearly plan you need to do costco.

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