150 Bonus American Airlines Miles Offer

You can grab a quick 150 American Airlines AAdvantage miles by visiting this website and watching a quick video about $300 Bose headphones. Earn another 350 miles if you stop by a Bose store and do a live demo. Expires 10/31/08. Posts in 6-8 weeks. Should be useful for delaying expiration of miles.


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for this offer. I actually have these headphones and they are awesome! I travel to work by train everyday, and I refuse to use them because they are so quiet, that I missed my stop 3 times while wearing them. Anywho, thanks again!

  2. auntie_green says:

    So I watched the video. But it says the 150 miles take 6 – 8 weeks to post. So 8 weeks out puts it at mid-late December. But it also says the miles must be redeemed by November 15, 2008! I need to use them before they even post to my account?

    Hopefully the 2008 is a mistake, and they don’t really need to be redeemed until 11/15/09?

  3. Yeah, I’m not sure what’s with the “miles must be redeemed by Nov. 15” clause. AA lets you have up to 18 months to redeem them, so it doesn’t seem to make sense?

  4. Thanks, I did it.

    Um, I think it’s getting the miles via viewing the video that’s valid 10/15-10/31. Then if you view the in-store demo, they’ll give you a voucher to go back to the website to redeem that has to be redeemed by 11/15. And then redeeming is different from posting. Like you redeemed it today, but it will post in 8 weeks.

  5. Scott Duffy says:

    Great tip!

    Got me and my wife 150 bonus miles each. I love these great finds you often give, keep it up!

  6. Cool find Jonathan. Where do you get these things?! 🙂

  7. Does anyone know any bonus offer from Delta Airline? My miles are expiring by the end of this year and I really don’t want to order any meganizes or buy any miles from Delta to keep it alive. HELP!

  8. Donny Gamble says:

    This isn’t going to help things out because they are charging for too many other things. Plus, people don’t have any money to travel any where.

  9. The AAdvantage miles are all but worthless any more. I had their credit card for years, racked up over 100,000 miles. Finally enough for my wife and I to take a vacation. But now they charge to use the miles, then charge you to check your bags, buy a coke on the flight, buy a blanket, etc. And that’s if you can find a flight to where you want to go, when you want to go.

    I dumped the card, forgot about the miles, fly Southwest religiously, and am willing to pay for a ticket.

  10. ceiling cat says:

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