11/2 Only: 6 Movie Tickets from Fandango For $30

Today 11/2 only: Groupon is offering 6 movie tickets on Fandango.com for $30. Valid for any movie up to $10, including first-run movies but not IMAX. Must redeem Groupon at WeeklyCinema.com by 12/18/10. Tickets must be redeemed via Fandango within 90 days of Groupon redemption.

If you don’t have a Groupon account already, please use my sign-up link first. It’s free for you, and I’ll get some Groupon credit. Groupon is a popular group-buying site where in major metro areas you get one deal per day from a local retailer as long as enough people sign up for it, along with occasional nationwide offers.

The offer is by WeeklyCinema, which usually offers 6 tickets for $29.99 but requires signing up for a subscription. This Groupon does not require a subscription. The six tickets can be split up for different movies or used all at once. The deal is for Seattle, but anyone can buy it and you redeem online. I already purchased mine from a previous Groupon, it should last us for the holiday movie season.


  1. “Use for any movie up to $10”. Even matinée is more than $10 now here. Does it just make you pay the difference?

  2. Just a heads up on this type of deal, I bought a similar deal through Tippr last month and had so much difficulty retrieving my tickets through Weekly Cinema. Recently Weekly Cinema has begun upgrading their online system so you cannot retrieve your tickets online. you have to call their help desk but I never had any success connecting to an actual customer service representative. I ultimately requested and received a refund from Tippr. If you buy the deal, then hopefully you have better luck.

  3. @yd – Yes you just pay the difference if it costs more than $10. Someone else said that it works for IMAX movies, you just pay the difference after $10.

    @Marie – Thanks for sharing. They sold over 500 of these today, so I’m sure they’ll be a lot of pressure for Weekly Cinema to get on that.

  4. Unfortunately I missed this post… but definitely appreciate your posting geography-nonspecific Groupons — keep them coming in the future!

  5. Toys R Us is offering a rewards card. Use it every time you make purchases in the store from now until Christmas Eve and at the end, you get 10% back. It’s completely free to sign up for – almost like a CVS card.

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