$10 off $50 at Lowes with American Express

Get $10 off any $50+ purchase at Lowes home improvement stores in-store or online. Expires 11/15/2013. Sign up for AmEx Sync first if you haven’t already. Then tweet anything with #AmexLowes. You should get a confirmation reply quickly. Details here.

You may also be able to access these discounts via Facebook, the AmEx smartphone app, or by simply logging into your account online. Twitter has worked reliably for me. I post a lot of smaller and time-sensitive deals like this on my Twitter feed @mymoneyblog, which are echoed on my Facebook page.


  1. For east coasters, the 30$ off $150 at Shoprite the grocery store is really good. Not sure if Shoprites are found elsewhere around the country but formally being from NJ I know they are all over there.

  2. I believe Lowes sells gift cards for other retailers (Amazon, etc) & restaurants (Red Lobster, etc). Does anyone know for sure if buying a $50 gift card will qualify for this $10 off $50 promotion with Amex? It did for a similar $25 off $250 promotion at Best Buy (I got $250 in Amazon “Kindle” gift cards for $225), but I’m wondering if anyone can confirm it works for this one too. Let me know if you’ve tried it, thanks!

  3. Just got done buying a Red Lobster GC for $50 @ Lowes. AMEX emailed me minutes after purchase to say it went through. Will see when the credit is applied….

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